Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive for tenacious grip

One of the core performance features of the WRX has always been Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. Standard across the range, it provides a balanced, time-tested design, refined through decades of rally experience, it creates uniform stability and delivers an optimal distribution of power for enhanced traction on all types of surfaces – from the bitumen to your favorite stretch of twisty dirt road.

Overseas model shown. Images indicative only.

Updated suspension

The 2022 WRX pushes its razor-sharp handling even further with its upgraded, retuned suspension. Cornering, steering balance, and stability all feel and perform better than ever thanks to upgraded dampers, a stiffer chassis, and high-performance tyres.

Overseas model shown. Images indicative only.

All-new Subaru Performance Transmission

Tuned to thrill, the new generation Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive Subaru WRX flawlessly blends seamless style and muscle car grunt. With the agility of a sports-inspired sedan and intimidating engine power, the all-new Subaru WRX Sedan is available in 6-speed manual transmission or an 8-speed Subaru Performance Transmission, while the all-new Subaru WRX Sportswagon is a fusion of sublime sedan performance and sportswagon flexibility, offered exclusively with the Subaru Performance Transmission.

Delivering approximately 30% faster upshifts and approximately 50% faster downshifts, the Subaru Performance Transmission features an upgraded, more aggressive shift logic with a quicker and smarter response to driver input so every trip can be more fun and engaging.

Overseas model shown. Images indicative only.